Business Meals and Entertainment

Have you missed partying and having business meals with your prospects, customers, and employees?


Well, get ready to start again. Soon, COVID-19 will behind us. It could be just a few short months away.


To help you get ready, check the table below for what you can do in 2021 and 2022 as the law stands now:
Restaurant meals with clients and prospects X
Entertainment such as baseball and football games with clients and prospects X
Employee meals for convenience of employer, served by in-house cafeteria X
Employee meals for required business meeting, purchased from a restaurant X
Meal served at chamber of commerce meeting held in a hotel meeting room X
Meal consumed in a fancy restaurant while in overnight business travel status X
Meals cooked by you in your hotel room kitchen while traveling away from home overnight X
Year-end party for employees and spouses X
Golf outing for employees and spouses X
Year-end party for customers classified as entertainment X
Meals made on premises for general public at marketing presentation X
Team-building recreational event for all employees X
Golf, theater, or football game with your best customer X
Meal with a prospective customer at the country club following your non-deductible round of golf X