How to Pay estimated or quarterly taxes if you own a business in Maryland

For MD you can register here for tax payments Give it a try or call me n we can do it together. James 410-457-7331
For Federal Taxes You can register here as an individual. Your business makes money but in most cases you pay the taxes. So the account would be in your name. Give it a try or we can do it together if you need help. James 410-457-7331
You need to do a rough P&L for the year and I can help you pay something in by Nov 15th This may help you avoid a penalty.
I can save you money for your credit card payments.
I can list your business on Google w/o showing your address when you are ready
Was there anything else? I’m happy to help Call or email me with your questions. James 410 457 7331
It’s $75 to register your trade name in Maryland Have a few backups ready just in case the name you want is taken We can do that by phone when you are ready. James 410-457-7331