Waiter vs Kiosk? for a small restaurant

One of the things we offer is touch-screen Point of Sale Systems for Restaurants. Recently I had a potential client I’ve been working with say to me.

James                                 “So I am leaning towards full self-service kiosk. I Think it would help my Business a lot. I don’t think that I should partner up with anything unless I have what I really need?”

Rehan,                                  Besides the food your biggest asset is the charm of your restaurant. You should always be trying to connect with your customers. Asking your customers to pay at a kiosk is not very charming and it’s definitely not very personable. You should always be bending over backwards to give your clients the best experience possible at your restaurant. When they leave your restaurant they should be saying: Wow we were seated quickly, they took our order quickly, the food arrived in a short time, the food was great, and they made it easy to pay and tip. One of the biggest problems with a kiosk is that 1 out of 5 people will need help. Suddenly it’s doing the opposite of what you wanted which was to save time. It needs to be easy in, easy to order, easy to pay, and easy out! Your restaurant is too small for a kiosk. The food and your charm is what makes your place great. A kiosk can’t smile and ask how the meal was and it’s not very charming! Anytime you get interact with your customers the better! let me know when you’re ready to revolutionize your business. Harbortouch Elite POS can do it! All the best! James